Skadate account moderation

Skadate Account Moderation

The problem with starting off most dating sites, no one wants to join a site that has no one to talk to. Thus most dating sites start off with filler accounts ( fake ), but then lies in a whole new problem. The accounts do not login, they do not interact and the real members just get discouraged. So we came up with a solution for this with our Skadate Multi-Site Account Management System or SMAMS for short.

Control Your Skadate Fake Accounts

So what our system does is allows you to take control of all those accounts from 1 interface, no logging in individually. Control 1000’s of accounts on your dating site, from our system. Reply to messages others have sent to your  moderated accounts. You can set up Intro messages that can send out randomly to other members of your site ( 1 time ). You can set up all your moderated accounts to login randomly to keep your site looking more active, As well can set it to log in all members randomly to help promote interaction with real accounts as well. Our system will also allow you to set it so the Moderated accounts randomly “view” real account profiles, making it so the accounts seem more realistic. Which, is our main goal is to make your moderated accounts seem as real as possible.

  • Control more then 1 site from our system

    So you have more then 1 skadate site no problem, you can control as many sites as you want from 1 location.

  • Control 1000’s of Accounts from 1 locations

    The days of having to login to your site to check your fake accounts are over. Control them all from our system!

  • Reply as your Fake accounts when messaging

    Our chat system allows you to reply from your sites fake/moderated accounts. Keeps you up to date on how long the conversation is going, and alerts you when the member hasn’t replied.

  • Attach images to send as your fake accounts

    Our chat system allows you to send and receive images!

  • Randomly Logins your Fake accounts

    So your site looks more alive! As well we put in a setting so you can make the entire site randomly login so even your real accounts can benefit from this, promoting more interactions on the site.

  • Fake Accounts Randomly View Profiles

    The main concern is to make your site look as authentic as possible. So, we wanted to add in this feature to help solidify that illusion.

  • Fake accounts can be set to send out random greeting messages

    You can set up an intro/fake message in the profiles list. any account with an intro message will randomly get chosen to send out a message to a real member of the opposite gender ( only once per real member ). To help promote more conversation, and getting your real members to upgrade their accounts.

  • Moderator Accounts

    Your site to big or you just do not have time to manage it yourself? You can create moderator accounts, Assign them to which websites you want. Even set a salary amount per reply they get from messages sent out. This system handles multiple moderators and can keep up with who earns what if you want  to use the pay per reply system.

    As well the site’s name and information is hidden from the moderators so you never have to worry about them knowing exactly what site they are working for. Because we want to keep your safe and in business.

Our system comes with free lifetime updates, so you get all the great new features that come out in the future! What are we planning on adding into the system?

  • Comment controls ( view all the comments on your site from 1 page. delete comments that you think are not ok, or even ban the member from this page. )
  • News feed updates for moderated accounts. If you use the news feed plugin, what more to make your site look more alive and real then people posting on the news feeds
  • Bad word filters for your moderators ( keep an eye on what the moderators are sending out ), make sure they are not giving out their own contact information.
  • Message history for moderators. View the latest 5 out going messages for any given moderator.

As well our system will have an Affiliate Add on coming out in the near future! Which will allow you to promote your site through a multi tiered affiliate system, where all the information again is kept in 1 location. Moderators and Affiliates will login through 1 gateway, but neither can see any content other then what they are meant to see. You as the site owner will be able to see all the stats and data from all of your team on your dashboard.

Please feel free to contact us if your interested in purchasing our system or have any other questions! We would to hear from you, as well our clients suggestions are always important to us, and we make you our top priority.

Skadate account moderation

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